Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Valentine Love Generator

valentine generator

This generator will create a cute card for your love either all year around or especially around Valentines Day. Just enter the lines of text you want and the font size and hit Generate. You do not have to fill in all the lines. On the next page, you will be shown what it looks like and given the code to put in any profile, website, or forum.

Keep in mind that larger font sizes may make the text not fit in the template.

If you find this to be the case, you will be able to change it on the next screen and regenerate a new greeting without having to retype the text again.

Using this poem generator you can easily create customized poems. Simply fill out the name of the person receiving the poem, and an optional gift.

if you can make generator : GetGreatCodes.com

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Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

Flash Glitter Text Generator

Make your very own cool flash glitter text for your blog, webpage, myspace, friendster, or hi5 profile using our cool glitter text generator! Just select the colors you want, add your text, choose a font & size, then hit submit and get the code.

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Sabtu, 09 Mei 2009

Friendster Layout Generator

friendster-generator.blogspot.com introducing to you new friendster layout generator. What make our generator is much better than others?

  • It’s easy to use, event if you have nothing knowledge about CSS and HTML. You can also read a complete tutorial, about how to use this beautiful program. Many tricks and codes to customize Friendster profile are provided
  • Live Preview. You are not have to fill a lot of form but you can’t see what will your friendster layout will look like. It’s not going to be happen, with our friendster layout generator, you always can see change at your layout at current time.
  • Easy to share. You can share your layout with other people. Manage your own layout, update, save and make it more better. It’s free membership.
  • Get Famous. Make all people know about you with your layout design.

Use the tabs above to edit different parts of your friendster profile.